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Get 40% Offer For Online Food Ordering Script - Smarteat

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Does Kotlin Has the Power to Replace Java?

by Guest on May 15, 2018

Java’s popularity can be stemmed from the fact that today it has become a widely used language for the Android development; however, that doesn’t mean that it is the only language that confers the title of the modern age language. After all, Java suffers from various limitations like it is an old school language that refuses to add speed and accuracy and is vulnerable to the threats.


Hence, it makes total sense to look at Kotlin as an alternative and hire kotlin developers. Even though the JDK Developers has brought the improvements by launching its updated version Java 8 but the Android platform doesn’t support all the features entitled within it. Hence, the developers are juxtaposed between the two old versions and it seems that this scenario would not improve in the near future. And this is the reason why Kotlin- an open source language based on the fundamental roots of Java Virtual Machine is gaining popularity.


The reason why companies hire kotlin developers is because this language offers seamless integration with Android Studio and Google IDE, which is the must for Android platform and this integration is not offered by any other language except Java. Hence, this is the right time to migrate to a modern approach. Let’s dive into deep details.


What Is Kotlin and the Reason Behind Its Popularity?

Kotlin language was introduced in the year 2016, and its plugin was also introduced for the Android version. When it was first released, people were skeptical about its benefits and the support, but still, the programmers gave it a try and used it for the small projects.

Contrary to the popular belief, it turned out to be successful and was able to garner the people’s charm. With the support of Kotlin language, the user integrated the different functionalities and logic with the help of the extension. This helped the programmers to save the developing hours. So, in case, you are also juggling with old Android Studio, you can install the Kotlin plugin by following the steps mentioned below

How to Install the Kotlin Plugin?

Find out the file menu, then search the settings button and click on Plugin and search the JetBrains plugin. Install the Kotlin. Once you have successfully installed the plugin the kotlin app development company gives you the options of creating new Android project or adding an existing project into it.

There are several reasons why a company should switch to Kotlin

·     Interoperability

One of the greatest benefits of this language is it is interoperable with the JAVA language i.e. you can continue to work with the JAVA projects using this language. All the JAVA frameworks will be still available to the user.

·     Familiarity

Another reason is Kotlin isn’t a new child in the world. Both its syntax and programming can be easily understood. However, there are some differences which need to be reworked.

·      Lazy Load for Optimum Performance

Lazy Load feature helps to add speed. Thus, the Android app developed with help of this language will be speedier and will take less time to reload the relevant content. Also, this feature improves the memory usage of the phone, since Android phones have limited memory.

·      Customized Approach

Another feature of Kotlin is it helps to offer a customized approach; however in order to add accuracy to the project, the field has to be specified.

·       Lambdas

Kotlin language has several lambdas that help the programmers to reduce the coding lines and let them to focus on their work. You can use the same with Android, while the overall configuration remains unaltered.

·       Filtered Collections

Kotlin helps to filter the collection contents. It not only makes the code concise and clear but also helps you search a new list. Such kind of filtering is quite beneficial if you are working as a team.

·      Simplify the Data Processes

Kotlin helps to simplify the data processes by adding hash codes, equals, strings, copy, wherever it is required.

·       Null Safety

Another benefit of Kotlin App development services is it eliminates the danger caused by the null references within the code.


To Wrap Up


Apart from that, like JAVA, Kotlin also offers the feature of functional programming concepts baked into it. The combination of all these factors makes programming easy and keeps kotlin app development services in strong demand.

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