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Enhance Your Taxi Business With Uber-like App Development?

by Guest on Feb 8, 2018

If you are connected with the transportation industry in any way, you surely have been surprised by the unbelievable success of the Uber. At present, Uber is serving in more than 60 countries. If you want to start your own Uber-like app development, but have no idea what it requires and how much would it cost, here are a few points that can help you.

Essential Features

To figure out the cost of building the Uber-like app, it is necessary to know the essential features of the app. Below given some of the standard features to add to your app.

  • Gps And Routes Drawing

    GPS is one of the essential features of an Uber-like app. It is used to identify the location of customers as well as drivers. To find each other, they use maps and positioning. Moreover, for routing and finding the ride estimation, you need a routing server.


  • Registration And Matching System

    You can offer multiple ways to the users for registration and ask them to provide their contact details in the beginning. On the other hand, for the drivers, registration process would be slightly different. Drivers need to visit the company in person and submitting their scanned documents. You can also implement the registration process via social networks.

    With the matching system, passengers can find a ride as well as the driver to accept their ride. To make it work properly, there are some aspects that need to be taken care of such as exact location of the passenger and driver, and status of the driver, as drivers normally have only 15 seconds to accept the ride request.

    There are some services that allow passengers to choose drivers of their choice, but it complicates the process and makes it longer.


  • NoTifications And Communication

    In several ways, you can notify your passengers that their taxi has arrived. Some of the most common ways are sending push notifications or SMS. Push notifications are easy to implement whereas sending SMS is more reliable. All the big players such as Uber, Lyft use SMS option.

    You can also include the contact details of the driver in the text. For implementing the SMS feature, you need to work with the telecommunication provider. There are numerous international providers who offer this service. You can consider your regional or local providers as well.


  • Payment System

    Uber-like applications normally go with the cashless transactions, since they are safer and faster. But you should consider the present market needs as well. Even Uber has chosen hard cash at some place as per the demand.

    By offering more payment modes, you can attract more customers. As:

    1. Uber supports Paypal, American Express points,  credit cards, as well as Google Wallet and  Apple Pay.

    2. Lyft supports debit and credit cards, Paypal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

    3. Hailo supports bank cards and Apple Pay.


  • Car And User Details

    Everyone prefers to know what to expect and to whom. It ensures safety and reduces anxiety too. With regards to the Uber-like app, it implies that information should be provided to both the parties: passengers and drivers, such as type and color of the car, and name, and a photograph of both. It should also be specified that how many seats have been taken by the passenger.


  • Rating

    Even though rating feature is not considered as the most obvious feature of the Uber-like app, it is a necessary one. Rating system contributes value to the passengers. Once the ride is completed, passengers and drivers can give ratings to each other, based on their experience. This feature has two consequences:

    1. If the rating of drivers slips below a certain level, they are no longer eligible to work with the company. Hence, it is necessary to provide quality service to the passengers

    2. If passengers get the low rating, means they didn’t respect the driver or broke any rules, they would not be picked up again, simply means their ride request won’t be accepted by any driver.

    By integrating the rating system in your app, you can improve the community of passengers and drivers. This is the reason why Uber uses it too.

Final Cost

Believe it or not, it’s the perfect time to go for the Uber clone. It is clear that the traditional taxi booking business model is slowly vanishing and everyone is preferring booking taxi online. To enhance your business, it is important to own a taxi app that will offer best services to your customers and drivers.

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If you are connected with the transportation industry in any way, you surely have been surprised by the unbelievable success of the Uber. At...

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