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Filter Product in Magento 2 - Part Finder ( Year-Make-Model) Module

by Guest on Nov 29, 2017

According to an online survey on the behavior of online visitors,

  • 34% have abandoned the site due to disappointment in finding the right product after enough searches.
  • 50% visitors gone straightly to the search function available through an on-site search engine.
  • 91% visitors have used on-site search which came with true buying intentions compared to mere browsers.

Fundamentals of E-Commerce Search

The statistic given above is emphasizing the significance of product findability on e-commerce websites. If we fine grind the fundamentals of product findability through the behavior of visitors, we can define two prominent ways of product findability.

  • Searching the eCommerce site: It means visitors use the given on-site search feature.
  • Browsing the eCommerce site: It involves the drilling down the various categories and sub-categories available on the site to find the right product.

Unfortunately, in both cases, online visitors have to face a product list. If the site is small with a few products, the list will small, but in the case of a big site with a plenty of products, the list will long and exhaustive to find the intended product at first glance.

In such cases, e-commerce experts prescribe sorting and filtering functionality to add in the site search or through an add-on or extension. Before, jumping on the next, I would like to clarify what is sorting and filtering after all for an e-commerce website.


It means changing the order of the list of products in a meaningful way, so findability becomes easy. For instance, for a price-conscious visitor, the order of price from cheapest to the costliest products makes some sense to get it quickly.


It means to cut the number of products in a long list based on the criteria defined. For instance, for the price-conscious visitor, defining price range from minimum to maximum value can help you a lot.

Technically, the price of the product is an attribute value (Parameter) for a product, and when we use such custom product attribute values to filter the products on category or search pages, we directly or indirectly help the online visitors in easy and quick product findability.

In the case of Magento e-commerce platform, such advanced parametric search features or functionality is unavailable in default storefront. It needs some tweaking and additions of PHP code to introduce a unique user interface or module on the website.

Unfortunately, tweaking the core/default Magento code is disastrous, particularly when an upgrade or official updates are taking place frequently. Therefore, expert Magento developers have found a viable and feasible solution to the issue, and it is developing an extension that allows shoppers to select custom attributes to sort and filter the product search results.

M-Connect Media is a big team of numerous e-commerce developers. It has noted that its patrons are facing the same issues frequently. Thus, it has decided to create a Part Finder extension for automobile or machinery manufacturing Magento merchants who sell tons of parts with unique attributes like a year of manufacturing of parts, the model number of parts, making of the parts, and so on.

Therefore, colloquially, they have given it a name Mconnect Part Finder Extension for Magento 2, but it is useful for fashion and apparel ecommerce sites, clothes and accessory sites, and electronic gadget sites.

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