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3 Reasons of Choosing Truck Dispatch Software for Your Business

by Guest on Mar 20, 2018

Let’s just admit the fact that trucking is easy. Pick up the freight, take it to its destination, and unload it. It’s the humans who mishandle it. We choose drivers who end up hurting themselves and others because of their mistakes, sometimes because of shippers asking for the nonviable.


There are no truck dispatch software solutions that can change humans. But it can be changed by the way we do our business.


Errors in Entry


Perhaps smartphone is the biggest assistance for the truckers. We are now able to enter data instantly into a computer program. There’s no more searching for a piece of paper to record data or looking for that piece of paper where we entered the records. Although, truckers could keep a notepad handy for their records and they don’t have to be disorganized. But handwritten entries can have some errors and it’s better for them to change with the technology and start using trucking business software that is quite accurate.


Using these software solutions, truckers are able to enter their load data from the moment it is dispatched. They can update it as required, and then complete with the invoice emailed to the shipper before leaving the delivery dock.


Additionally, they can take a photograph of their odometer at the start and end of every load along with a bill of the loading process, just to keep a track of their records in case the shipper decides to ask about the invoice. Snapshots of the expense receipt, food, and fuel - all saved for future reference.


There are many truckers who don’t want to use a computer for their business. But by making it effortless to enter data and to check it instantly, these software solutions eliminate various errors before it becomes the big problem.


Human Error and Taxes

Trucking management solution can save you from most of the tedious tasks that you do and keep you away from doing a good job.


International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is just one example. You mishandle the IFTA filing and you are in for penalties, interest and fines. They won’t care if you misplaced fuel receipt or you do it wrong, even if you spent hours on a filing. Entering the correct information the first time means you don’t need to worry about underpaying the IRS.


Tracking Expenses on Little Scrap of Paper


When you are in a logistics business for yourself, you get the money once you deliver a service or product to the client. Ensuring that a trip doesn’t cost you bucks for delivery has be your top preference. So keeping a track of your expenses is the key to success.


For the 20th century, the trip envelope was a significant idea. Did you ever check your receipts in the middle of the trip and discover you are in the debt? Possibly not. But if you have got a system that does the real-time tracking of your data, you can do that.


Get over the envelope and adopt a dispatch data mindset. You will notice your savings and profit reports online on your smartphone, not on a desktop, or a ledger book, days later.


Secure Envelopes?


There are chances that a trucker can accidentally drop a trip envelope into a pool at least once. If you are using a truck dispatch software, you don’t need to worry about a destroyed piece of wet paper, or leaving your mobile at a truck stop. Your data is safely stored and can be easily accessed and secured against any thief trying to take it. The cloud-model of dispatch software solutions enable you to manage your business from your mobile device, tablet, or desktop/laptop.


What’s the Best of the Truck Dispatch Software?


You need a solution that is secure, modern, portable, and easy to use.


If you want, you can hold on with the traditional solutions, but logistics has extended that now. You need to change with it. That is why many logistics solution providers are building the effortless and finest-designed trucking business software for operators-owners like you.


Try these logistics app solutions and enjoy the hassle-free management of your loads.

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