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How to Design an Effective Health Mobile App for a Healthcare Organization?

by Guest on Jun 19, 2018

When we talk about hospital apps, it’s necessary to make clear what patients want and what healthcare providers offer to patients. Although, more than 65% of the U.S. hospitals offer technology option still only 2% of the total population used these apps. The absence of such apps that can be proven beneficial for the patients is a lost opportunity.


On the other hand, for the healthcare mobile app development companies who are seeking a solution to increase patient engagement with technology, below given are some considerations.


Designing a great mobile health app means offering patients what they want. There are three main features that are commonly expected from patients:


  • Access to EHR, electronic health records

  • The option to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments

  • Ability to refill and process the prescription medication


An effective, high-quality hospital mobile app should also work to fix the issues. Here are some examples:


  • To help patients find the fastest possible route to urgent care centers

  • To educate new parents regarding pregnancy phase and delivery

  • To engage cancer patients with their treatment information

  • To provide medication tracking option

  • To help with wellness opportunities and physicians referrals


In order to design an effective hospital mobile app, here are some of the elements that should be considered:


User Friendliness: It has been observed that the apps that come with easy to navigate option are more likely to attract customers and retain them for a long. Many healthcare app development companies emphasize efficiency, native user experience, and functionality of the app.


Design for Everyone: Hospital mobile apps must be attractive and usable to everyone. Certain factors such as patients’ age, their comfort level with technology, accessibility issues, and language barriers need to consider before designing an app.


Data security: One thing that you need to understand before going for app development is that medical information is crucial and sensitive. In order to make your mobile app a success story, it is important to make your users trust your app and that will come by providing them the high level of security. It means, your app must adhere to HIPPA regulations, use government-level data encryption, stating clear privacy policies, and make sure that app self-updates on a regular basis.


The process of designing an effective mobile health app is full of trials, errors, and efforts. To develop one such app, it would be wise to analyze the current market trends and follow certain steps.


Let’s have a step-by-step process of healthcare app development.


Identify the Problem


At first, you need to identify the cause of the problem and find a solution that will completely isolate the nature of the cause. The more specific the issue will be, the more accurate and effective the solution can be. One common pitfall at this stage is to choose to make the exact solution like other health care functions rather than trying to improve those solutions.


Understand Your Audience


All one has to do in this phase is to research as much as possible. It’s necessary to understand the preferences and needs of their targeted audience to deliver a solution that will meet all these requirements.


Design the App


The app must be designed by keeping three things in mind: simplicity, sustainability, and scalability. Hospital management needs to work with the app developers to make sure that the app can be integrated into their existing digital EHR system, and is easy to update.


Test the Product


Just like any other products, an app should also be tested thoroughly. It means you have to ensure that every feature, facet, and function are in place and working properly. You need to check the app and try to identify situations when your app is not working as expected or getting difficult to operate. Along with that, developers should collect testing data and analyze it to figure out the probability of app’s success.


Release the App


After testing thoroughly, release the app and market it as much as possible. Even though medical outlets and social media platforms are the effective channels, but nothing can beat the power of physician recommendations. Plus, hospital management should enable doctors to understand their patient’s health condition with app’s benefits and functions.


Continually Make Improvements


You should make continuous efforts and update your app from time to time to maintain your app’s functionalities. It’s necessary to make digital security consistent and seek some ways to incorporate the users’ feedback regularly.


Wrapping up,


When you build an effective mobile health app, it not only enhance the quality of care but also encourages patients to take complete responsibility for their health. At last, it all results in the more effective healthcare system as well as better patient outcomes.


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